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Obligations and Responsibilities of Funded Agencies and of Federation

Obligations and Responsibilities of Funded Agencies 
The Federation acknowledges that other regulations and guidelines may be imposed on different agencies from outside the Jewish community and that these rules may supersede the commitments outlined here.
Federation Recognition 
1. Give full recognition to Federation funding when communicating with potential donors.  

2. Participate actively in promoting the success of the Federation’s fundraising and program activities, and encourage and enlist the participation of its constituency and members in such activities.

3. Include an appeal to support the Federation annual campaign in the agency’s communication material at least once a year. 

4. Where appropriate, mention the relationship to Federation or place the Federation logo on communications materials (including letterhead, web sites, mail solicitation, brochures, newsletters, flyers, folders, etc.)                        
5. Include mention of the Federation’s financial support in public communications regarding service delivery, where appropriate. 
1. Provide program evaluations, survey results of clients/participants, audited financial statements, other financial and statistical reports as requested.  Provision of grants for each program is conditional on the completion of Federation program evaluation reports. 

2. Advise the Federation immediately of any major organizational changes (governance, service, program or funding changes), which affect services supported by the Federation allocation or the financial viability of the agency. 

3. Cooperate with the Federation and other local Jewish agencies on addressing broad community issues and challenges that go beyond the scope of any one agency. 
Community Process 
 1. Use the Community Calendar that is on the Federation’s website as a tool for scheduling community events and agree to respect other agencies by making an effort not to hold competing events at the same time.

2. Ask that the agency’s senior professional participate in the Professional Director’s Forum or other initiatives which encourage greater cooperation and coordination among and between organizations that are a part of the Jewish community.  (Please note that this applies only to agencies that have full-time senior professionals on staff.) 

3. Ensure an ongoing effective dialogue and communication and agree to consider the overall best interest of the community in all of their deliberations. 

4. Acknowledge that payment of funds granted to the agency may be subject to reduction or cancellation, in whole or in part, if the agency fails to carry on its activities, in whole or in part, as represented at the time of the request for funds.  Decisions to alter funding will be made in consultation with the agency and will be considered as a last resort. 

Obligations and Responsibilities of Federation
The Federation commits to the following obligations vis-à-vis the agencies that it funds:
1. Conduct a comprehensive annual campaign in the Greater Ottawa area. 

2. Grant available funds to agencies based on the publicly available criteria and guidelines of Federation’s allocations policy. 

3. Meet with agency staff and or board in order to assist them in meeting application deadlines, explaining the results of the applications process or any other aspect of Federation’s funding policies or procedures. 

4. Respect the confidentiality of records the Federation holds on members of the community. 

5. Communicate funding decisions to the community expeditiously and in full. 

Community Process 
1. Provide grant payments on an as agreed and timely basis. 

2. Plan with agencies/schools to meet future needs and develop strategies for raising required resources.  The Federation will incorporate updated information concerning capital and program needs into its fundraising initiative. 

3. Facilitate the development of additional funding opportunities as available by cooperating and partnering with the agencies on the development of their own fundraising plans, coordinating community fundraising to ensure that events and appeals are coordinated, assisting the agencies in identifying new opportunities for fundraising, and encouraging joint agency partnerships in fundraising. 

4. Identify broad community issues and facilitate the building of partnerships to work with the agencies and other community organizations to address challenges that go beyond the scope of any one agency.

5. Share mailing lists of community members in accordance with the privacy policies and requirements of each organization.

6. Provide board leadership development opportunities and community building initiatives in cooperation with agencies in order to assist them in improving their governance, accountability, and organizational processes.

7. Mediate disputes on the request of all of the parties involved.

8. Consult on a regular basis with stakeholders to refine the allocations process and to gather information to identify the types of and the extent of need in our community. 

Agency Recognition 
1. Identify the agency/school as a Federation funded agency and interpret to the public the broad range of services provided by the agency. 

2. Promote, celebrate and publicize the activities of each of the funded agencies and work to ensure that each receives public recognition for its contributions to the community. 

3. Where appropriate, display the names and/or logos of the partner agencies in communications material. 

4. Maintain a web site ( to promote the overall Jewish community and all the agencies and to offer services to the agencies including an on-line community calendar, advertising for job openings and advertising for events and programs.