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​Information about the Jewish Federation and program funding

The Mission of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa, as the central Jewish communal organization, is to preserve and enrich Jewish life in the Ottawa area, Canada, Israel and overseas, by planning for the evolving needs of the community, raising and allocating funds for communal priorities, coordinating community action and representing the views of the community. 
Our staff and volunteers focus on building community, communicating with the community at large, advocating for the needs of our most vulnerable, raising the annual operating funds needed to keep our beneficiary agencies strong, and going about our day to day activities with our sights set on the future.  For more information about these activities please visit

For program funding for 2014/15 and 2015/16, organizations must apply on-line via this website.
Deadline to submit applications for this funding cycle is November 22, 2013.
The Jewish Federation of Ottawa grants funding to local organizations that provide programs and services that directly address the Federation’s strategic objectives, as outlined below.   By funding member agencies to carry out a variety of programming, the Federation can meet its objectives and reach the goal of creating a strong, vibrant and inclusive Jewish community. 
OBJECTIVE 1.   Increase the opportunity for meaningful points of contact for young people in the Ottawa Jewish Community.
OBJECTIVE 2.  Fund and create opportunities to include newcomers, unaffiliated Jews and the vulnerable in the Ottawa Jewish community.
OBJECTIVE 3.  Build effective partnerships among local Jewish agencies in order to increase inter-agency cooperation.
OBJECTIVE 4.  Improve communication of Federation activities to Jewish and general community in order to increase awareness of the Federation and its partners.
OBJECTIVE 5.  Enable and inspire community members with potential capacity, who make marginal or no contribution to the community or Annual Campaign, to increase their participation and commitment.
OBJECTIVE 6.  Increase opportunities for the Ottawa Jewish community to build connections to Israel and Israelis.
OBJECTIVE 7. Ensure the continued vibrancy of the Jewish educational system in Ottawa, by supporting day and supplemental schools in their continuing quest for excellence.