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​Guidelines on Eligibility

​In order to qualify for a grant, a community organization must:
  • Be a member of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa (JFO).  An agency can apply to become a member of the JFO if it is a local Jewish organization that has been in existence for more than one year and holds at least one meeting a year.
  • Be a non-profit organization recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency as a registered charity.
  • Agree to accept the conditions outlined in the section entitled Obligations and Responsibilities of Funded Agencies.
  • Demonstrate fiscal responsibility and have a committed volunteer board. The Board must hold an Annual General Meeting.
  • Programs must benefit residents of the Jewish community of Ottawa and surrounding areas.
  • Respect the rules for fundraising as outlined by the Multiple Appeals Committee including not holding fundraising campaigns during the Federation fundraising window from Sept. 15 to Nov. 30, and advising the Committee on a timely basis of any agency fundraising campaign prior to launch.
  • Ask that all members of the Agency’s Board be in good standing with the Federation Campaign.
  • Be supportive of the JFO’s Annual Campaign by sending at least one person to one shift of the Annual Federation telethons.
Non–Member Applications
Applicants who are not members of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa may apply for a grant with the following conditions:
  • Applicant organizations must be registered charities.
  • If they are not registered charities, they must partner with a currently funded agency.
  • Funding will be limited to 1 year.