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​Funding Envelopes

Funding priorities of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa are framed in the following envelopes:
1. Assisting the Vulnerable Envelope
2. Strengthening Community Envelope
3. Religious Outreach Envelope 

1. Assisting the Vulnerable Envelope
This envelope provides grants for ongoing programs by or in partnership with organizations whose main beneficiaries are vulnerable members of the Jewish community.  Grants in this envelope assist:
  • Individuals who need financial assistance due to insufficient income or unemployment
  • Individuals who require counseling and support
  • Disabled individuals- whether their disability is physical, developmental, or psychiatric
  • Seniors who are in need of assistance with daily tasks or financial assistance
  • Immigrants in need of services to help them make the transition to Jewish life in Canada
 2. Strengthening Community Envelope
This envelope provides grants for ongoing Jewish cultural, social, recreational and educational programs serving a broad range of beneficiaries. Priorities in this envelope include:
  • Jewish identity- Culture, Education, Recreation, Israel trips etc.
  • Community Leadership and Volunteer Development
  • Defending Jewish Community and Human Rights - Advocacy, Media etc.
 3. Religious Outreach Envelope
This envelope provides grants for programs or projects delivered by religious organizations in our community.  These programs reach out to various segments of the population, including the marginally affiliated.  Their goal is to bring Judaism to life for the community.